The Rangers Shareholders List

By James Martin -Editor

The following is a list of the present shareholders in Rangers Football Club Ltd. It lists the holders of 19.8 million of the 22 million shares issued so far. The full list is to be disclosed in the Prospectus to be issued soon.


Blue Pitch Holdings – 4 million

Margarita Funds Holding Trust – 2.6 million

Imran Ahmad, Rangers – 2.2 million

Richard Hughes, Zeus Capital – 2.2 million

Gorbon Ltd – 1.55 million

Norne Anstalt – 1.2 million

Ally McCoist, Rangers – 1 million

Glenmuir – 1 million

Craig Mather – 900k

Andy Hosie – 900k

Ian Hart – 490k

Chris Morgan, Asia Credit Corporation – 400k

Alan Mackenzie – 250k

Jean Haddad – 250k

Malcolm Murray, Rangers –  200k

Colin Howell, Unicorn Asset Mgt – 200k

John McClure, Unicorn Asset Mgt – 200k

John Goold – 100k

Elias Kaisar – 100k

Stephen Adams, Kames Capital – 50k

Brian Stockbridge, Rangers – sub 50k

Ian Cormack – 25k

John Graham  – 25k

Charles Green, Rangers – nil.

Mr Green is due a 10% bonus for a successful float, as was disclosed in the May presentation seeking investors. This could come in the form of a 10% stake in the company, approximating to 5 million shares.



One thought on “The Rangers Shareholders List

  1. Dave johnson

    Why is it that shares from the old rangers were not transferred over to the new rangers? Especially as nothing has changed according to mr green we are still the same rangers same history same club rangers than rangers now rangers forever to quote mr green also why as share holders was we never informed that our shares would not be transferred over ? In fact we have been kept in the dark


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